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janine | 20 | multifandom blog

this is my second blog and it's about all different kinds of anime and manga as you can see. you'll also find spoilers, yaoi/yuri and nsfw stuff here - just in case that i need to mention that.
so enjoy your stay and maybe talk to me   (◕‿◕✿)


anonymous asked ⤖ Sayaka Maizono or Junko Enoshima 


Anon requested NagisaxRei! Can’t believe I haven’t drawn them together yet!

Magi Minimalistic Edit: Eight Generals of Sindria 

Soushou Innocence
Artist: Maaya Uchida
Album: Akuma no Riddle
452 plays


soushou innocence akuma no riddle opening

Favorite AllMates

"The feelings… are lingering." 



An AU where all the sports anime coexist in one high school

 Kou Mabuchi  (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Piyo, Piyo, Piyo, Piyo, Piyo-Chan
Nice to meet you Piyo-chan’s eggs
Piyo-chan’s eggs are on sale now


The Goddess and the Titan
For Krista

Mekakucity Actors Ene ver.