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janine | 21 | multifandom blog

this is my second blog and it's about all different kinds of anime and manga as you can see. you'll also find spoilers, yaoi/yuri and nsfw stuff here - just in case that i need to mention that.
so enjoy your stay and maybe talk to me   (◕‿◕✿)

This is your first one. Maybe a half mask instead?

Zankyou no Terror Episode 2: Shibasaki and Mukasa

haiii... :D

hey there, anon :)

Don't Lose Your Way
Artist: Kill La Kill

170,663 plays


Don’t Lose Your Way - Kill La Kill

Totally digging the soundtracks in Kill La Kill, everything is so epic (x)

"There’s no way I would ever quit the swim club.”-Rei 




this is all I know about dangan ronpa

No no you see the blood needs to be pink for this to be accurate


There you go

Full Ghouls of Tokyo Ghoul | EP 1

Don’t worry, Ryuuko-chan. I’ll keep this ship safe!

"He wanted to get Rin-senpai a cake to thank him for the lessons, but out of consideration for his physical fitness, he decided to make cookies containing nutrients that Rin-senpai was lacking.”

Artist: SCREEN mode
Album: LφVEST
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Love Stage!! OP